Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are used to scare an intruder away from your premises and alert to against that. Also, it alerts you of a threatening situation such as a fire or the presence of carbon monoxide and in case of Burglary.

The component parts of an alarm system work together to detect, determine and deter danger in your facility or home. Alarm System is your 24/7 security guard; especially nowadays within working remotely during the pandemic of COVID-19.


In addition to the above, alarm solutions could me used to provide smart functions and automation like sensing many factors and taking action accordingly, such as:

- In case of temperature increases, switch-on the Air Condition.

- In case of there water leakage, turn-off the main water valve.

- In case of sun rise, open the curtains.

- In case of no motion, turn-off the lights and vise vers.

And more ....

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